a good idea is meaningless without the courage to act…

Do you want to save yourself time &  pain?

Are you aware of how you are sabotaging yourself? As long you allow unprocessed emotions caused by your failing to succeed in creating that life you so deeply desire, you are your own greatest saboteur. You might seem very successful in your career and daily life, but how come no one sees you are hurting inside? Have you mastered covering up your true desires? Have you failed to recognise your true desires and aspirations? Which life are you living? Yours, or that one meeting the expectations of your parents and friends?

Do you aspire a change in your life which results in a more fulfilling daily life? Is it been difficult for you to find a spiritual holistic teacher whose training meets your high standards? Does it bring up resistance in you when the offered teachings are in a shack? Do you desire to follow a training which expands your own network to your own high standards? Do you want to learn from the best? Well, you feel relieved with our offer. Our ‘Shift your Destiny‘ seminars, the coaching packages meets the 5 star superior standard.

Working with Hellen in 5 steps:

  1. picture HellenIntake
    Making a personal connection via a free 15 minutes call. You can schedule this in via the app at the right side of your screen.
  2. Determine the need
    Determine what your personal need is to work on. During a Holistic Health Check Up we will work on your Soul’s and personal issues, so you as a person can move forward again.
  3. Spiritual Game plan
    Creating a program and tool set to work with.
    Together and on your own for the next period of time.
    Either via a 6 month program, which content is like a custom tailored suit, or via the Shift your Destiny Intensive.
  4. Learn & Change
    Learn about yourself on new levels and set the process of change in motion on higher levels.
  5. Evaluate and repeat
    Create an actionable plan to stay in touch and self- learning / conscious.

Every phase of life asks for new lessons. These lessons follow the same type of cycle to learn. The time a process takes to set the right change in motion always varies.

By using their spiritual knowledge, Shyna and her team are able to gain insight and work on a numerous topics that may cause difficulties / challenges in your life. You will be given insight and direction on topics in all fields in your life. You will raise your own awareness and your life will shift.

you get one chance at life, grab it boldly…

the Shift your Destiny program
October 2017

Thursday October 19 –  Day of Arrival – Introduction
– module 1     Let’s start in 1st gear
– module 2    Let’s shift into 2nd & 3rd Gear
– module 3    Let’s shift into full throttle

Friday October 20 – “Shift our Destiny”
– module 1  Let’s go to the tuning shop
– module 2  Let’s see the charts of available upgrades
– module 3  Let’s install a turbo & an inter cooler

Saterday October 21 – Prepare for a refurbished life
– module 1   Let’s do a full service
– module 2   Let’s polish our engine, ready to be showed.
– module 3   Let’s do a test drive
Late afternoon:
– optional individual sessions with some one of the Shyna team. Work with Hellen, Gerard, a holistic coach, or sign in for a relaxing session with a trigger point massage therapist.

Depart  as a renewed person.

Book the seminar for Chf 7.900,-
You can book via the appointment app.

This price includes:
1. All Modules of the Shift your Destiny Seminar.
2. Your stay in the 5 * Bürgenstock Hotel resort at Lake Lucerne, with 3 meals  a day, beverages and coffee breaks.
4. If so desired, a massage by a certified triggerpoint massage therapist.
5. Guaranteed to leave with lots of new information, tools and inner processes.

Satisfaction guarantee.
If after 14 days you are not satisfied, do not sense any results, if you do not notice the slightest change…
– Schedule in a Healingjourney without additional fee.
– You can ask 50 % of your money back.
The Hotel expects payments, so we cannot offer a 100% refund. We do request your understanding.
Please contact Gerard Sargentini for this process.

The main language through the Seminar will be English.
Hellen is multilingual. Depending with whom she works she speaks English, Deutsch, Mundart or Nederlands.
If your English is not perfect, don’t be shy to come.

don’t you just love the process of turning expertise into a business model…

After receiving training’s since 1999, assisting hundreds of people with their issues of all ranges. Hellen and her life partner  Gerard Sargentini founded their business “Shyna”. Both Dutch of origin and now living in Switzerland they reach out to those who can make a difference in our society. You…

5 years ago it felt like 2 worlds met. Imagine a dutch guy, a  true petrol head, with a mindset of an entrepreneur. Meeting this mystique lady in a real low of his life. She is highly spiritual with goals to guide mankind through what she calls the Quantum Leap. She helped him to turn his life around and he helped her to recognise the financial  and material needs if she really aspires to assist mankind by her knowledge and awareness. Nowadays they form a strong team who rely on their instincts and healthy senses.

More about the products

Hellen offers her spiritual consultancy on many levels and to many people from beginners to more spiritually evolved people. She offers different types of seminars, classes, family business healings and personal health sessions.

With her extensive knowledge she will give you insight in what needs change, set this process in motion with the help of x, y, z at this point in time. When you have reached one change, you will feel when it’s time for the next phase in your life to reach out for assistance to step onto the next level.

We at Shyna offer programs which are like a custom tailored suit, there is no room for one fits all solution in our business. All negotiations of coaching programs will be closed by Gerard. The spiritual work itself by Hellen. On few occasions Hellen works with colleagues to be able to offer you what you need for your unique individual process.

Effective tools you can learn to work with:

  • learn to recognize signs to follow your heart.
  • learn to recognize and act upon the signals of your body (health).
  • learn to create aspects of your life from a higher consciousness.
  • learn to get in touch with your subconsciousness, that part of you which truly controls and decides.
  • learn to recognize energy in you that does not belong to you and how to get rid of it. Simply sending it back based on a loving principle is often not the trick.
  • learn to recognize that pain is for change. Recognize the pain, let it go and move on.

Hellen works with people off all walks of life

We at Shyna offer:

  • seminars.
  • shift of destiny events.
  • business coaching.
  • personal health healing sessions.in the pipeline:
  • the 1st book: “Guilty”. written by Hellen Tiethoff.
    expected publication date: March 2018.
  • the 2nd book: “Creation” written by Hellen Tiethoff
    expected publication date: July 2019.

exploration, the pursuit of evolution…

Hellen works with:

Causes, processing them and dissolving:

  • unprocessed past life experiences that still are of influence.
  • unprocessed past life traumatic deaths which are still influencing your senses and judgment.
  • influences from the outside; like beliefs, commitments of parents, family, friends, colleagues etc, which you have deceitfully recognized as your own.
  • ‘black’ magical influences… Such as (family) curses, (family) spells, (family) vows. Be aware that it is normal not to realize you suffer from these.
  • family diseases, family karma.

Teachings of the self:

  • who am I and what is me?
  • is there more then just the physical body?
  • where are memories stored?
  • can I change my Destiny?
  • how many subtle bodies excists?
  • what is stored in the aura layers?
  • what can chakra’s do for me?
  • what are the benefits provided by a ‘double’?
  • getting to know and become better aware of he impact of energies, thought forms, pictures, karma, magical influences from a past life. Getting rid of excessive energies via grounding and running energies.


  • depression or bipolar behavior.
  • heart break, mourning.
  • exhaustion on physical, mental or emotional level.


  • unsteady relationships
  • breaking up relationships in the same pattern.
  • changing jobs or career.
  • suffering in general.
  • health is breaking apart without a known cause.
  • health issues.
  • anger issues.
  • low self image.
  • tired of suppressing emotions and or self.

Tools you learn to work with:

Healing agencies:

  • angels of the higher laws
  • your personal guardian angel
  • in alignment with your personal development and karma;
    other healing agencies such as the Lords of karma.

    Symbolic use of the Rose:

    • hello rose
    • separation rose
    • protection rose
    • relationship rose
    • sales rose

    Methods of replenishing your energy such as:

  • a Golden Sun Fill Up
  • running earth and cosmic energies
  • color grounding

the impact you have on others is the most valuable currency there is…

Shyna is the name of Hellen’s Soul.

Shyna is more than just a name, Shyna stands for a powerfull light shed upon personal development. Shyna emenates a strong accelerator for the process you face in life while working with her.
Shyna offers temporary guidance in times of change in your life, of which you might fear you are not able to face alone. Well, you are not alone…

Shyna offers an unusual powerful guidance for Managers. Hellen’s personal interests makes that managers within the Real Estate, Sales and Human resource are more likely to work with her.  You will learn from her stuff you don’t know yet you are capable off. It will bring balance in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual processes. The work with Shyna will bring you in a state of centeredness, many can only dream off. And remember the quote “He who controls his or her center, controls the Universe.” It is here where you will find inner peace.

This rule applies to both you and me.

Time is a very valuable currency: At Shyna there is a selective protocol for whom who is allowed to work with Hellen 1 on 1, and those who will work with her via group training. If you take a look at the app on the right side of your screen you will see that the second date is a Healing journey. The offered Healing journey is thé moment you and the team at Shyna determines a follow up and under what conditions.


To assist mankind in a quantum leap


At Shyna we believe that mankind is ready to make a quantum leap. As humankind we are able to make a jump in our personal growth and evolution. We just need the guidance and kindness of evolved teachers.
It is time to become more aware of all layers and aspects of consciousness existing on earth. So you can live the life you desire, the life where you will grow, become aware of your wholeness and support your own evolution.

At Shyna we believe we can provide you with several tool sets which assists your own process of growth and evolution. Life offers you lessons, they appear at the job, in your family life, among your friends. They simply appear when your Soul determines it. It is not us who have a Red Button we can push to determine when life offers us life changing life lessons or when we have a break from it all. At Shyna you will be taught spiritual tools which are easy to implement on all planes of life. It is up to you if you are willing to evolve and grow on a more pleasant way, utilizing tools can bring a huge relief in your life. It is up to you how to utilize these tools.

There is so much information on the current market, from what source do you wish to learn? It is up to you too choose to learn from the best.

The world of growth and evolution

It is a journey where we all have to face current transition earthly life lessons. We have to accept that it is of no use to reject each other. If you are surrounded with pain, anger and disasters, it is time to realize it is reflecting your own pain and anger which got suppressed deep inside of you. You just simply covered it with unconsciousness so you do not feel hurt all the time. Now earths vibration is raising, no one can keep up the covering up, it is time to reveal your issues, deal with them and cleanse yourself.

It is time to recognise that the influences of past lives are catching up with us and it is healthy to face it. We all have incarnated many times, even those who are now born into a belief system which states there are no past lives.
It is time to learn how to deal with it, how to heal and cleanse ourselves in order to make all together a quantum leap while living on planet earth. Planet Earth is a consciousness, she is not a thing. She asks us to pay attention to her health, let’s do this and act upon her cries for help.

All change starts with one selves…

We would like you to become aware of the change and the impact you can make in your environment. Allow this journey to be yours, while connected with you family, friends and co workers. No matter what religion, no matter where you where born, you have to become aware of the resonance within you and the place you live, the place you work. They all provide life lessons.

Key Values

  • Create a higher consciousness
  • Assist mankind in a quantum leap
  • Change the way x y z

Our current world is a world of constant change, lots of stress and difficulties with healthcare. Sometimes the world seems more like a ‘weird kind of western movie’. Because of all this changes, people are feeling lonely and no longer connected. They disconnect from their own body and feelings, they ‘loose themselves’ or live another persons life. And as a result of the disconnection it’s hard to connect with others.

Once opening up to the realization that life is a string of lives of your Soul. You realize that the person who feels so familiar when you first meet, is indeed familiar. Just simply from another incarnation of your own soul. This makes your current life lessons a lot easier to understand, once you realize that the 2 of you are simply reacting upon unprocessed trauma from a former life. We have to face this to make it through the Quantum Leap. Allow us to assist you in this process.

It is time to connect with You!

More and more people realize
there are more levels to life than meet the eye.

So if we are all in it together,
you might want to step into the process of how to implement your own spiritual awakening process on the work floor, pull it out of your private life. You will be taught techniques which offer a measurable effect. And others will not even see that you implement them, there they still rely on their eyes and ears. Be the next pioneer  in your field of work. Make the change…